Cyp3.4 1.3

Topics: Communication, Assessment, Psychology Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Evidence Record
Purpose: to record learner evidence against a range of assessment methods Learner name Louise Loughran|
Assessor name |

Assessment method |
Direct observation | |
Professional discussion | |
Reflection on own practice | |
Expert Witness evidence | |
| Learner’s plans / records | |
Recognition of prior learning | |
Other (please state) | |

Recording of evidence| Unit | Assessment criteria |
There are different types of factors which promote effective communication. When communicating with others the content of the message needs to be clear. In my setting it is important to have good communication with the parents, staff and children. Factors in which to consider are the environment we are in when we are exchanging information, that it is not too busy or noisy and that you have enough privacy to get the message across. The proximity which is the physical distance between you and another r this can be important with very young children to build bonds. Having eye to eye contact, getting down to the child’s level listening to what they have to say are all important. Listening is a good skill to have when working alongside others taking turns to speak and allowing time to respond also using facial expressions. Tassoni et al 2010 indicates that communication is not always straight forward children’s experience depends party on culture and family background. From pervious experiences that I have I noticed that there are different ways to communicate. I have worked with children of all ages and needs. In my setting we had a child who had both hearing and speech difficulties in order to communicate to meet the child’s needs we used picture cards and hand gestures to relate to different things. When speaking to the child we would speak loudly ,slowly and clearly so she was able to lip read although she attended a speech therapists the therapist was seen during the child’s own time...
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