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Our place of work should have clear written policies and procedures of health and safety. As practitioners we should oversee all health and safety checks regularly. Indoor and outdoor equipment should be checked before and after use. The environment we are using shoul also be checked. Eg, is the glass or gardening tools lying around the garden, are their bricks or toys on the floor on which some one could trip.

Some checks are required annually by law. Ie We should have a qualified electrician carry out an annual electrical check.

Every setting will have visitors from time to time. We need to ensure that everyone entering are clear on which areas they can access, where fire exits are and what contact, if any, they have with the children and young people. We should see that exits are properly secured when parents/ guardians and visitors leave.

As many of us prepare food, we need to be aware of good hygiene and n comply with the Food Handling Regulation Act 1995. One example from the act states:
“Everyone in a food handling area must maintain a high level of personnel cleanliness.” chapter V11 personal hygiene.

Many of the rules of safe food handling are fairly routine for all of us or common sense things we do every day. Wash our hands before and after handling food, wash hands after using toilets, keep sinks clean at all times and provide hand wash, toilet paper and towels for drying hands.

Smoke alarms should be tested regularly and fire drills and evacuations carried out so each person is aware of the evacuation method.

Any cupboards that contain dangerous chemicals or medicine, have magnetic locks.

All procedures are reviewed regularly and where needed changes made. Staff, children and parents are informed of any amendments.

Sharon McKeever.
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