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Children and young people need to be empowered to keep themselves safe. Children will always push boundaries and take a risk that is how we all learn. Our role is to manage them risks without taking away children’s independence. We should think about how we could help a child to learn a new skill such as crossing the road. We should hold their hand and explain to them how we cross the road we explain to them first we hold hands and look left and right and use our ears to listen to the traffic and use our eyes to check if there are cars coming and when you can’t see any vehicle coming or can’t hear any traffic then it is safe to cross the road but we should always hold hands and walk on the road and not run. We should make them do it by themselves once they have understood and when they can do it by themselves then we should let them cross the roads and supervise them crossing the road and finally when they are empowered and can make their own choices and they are able to cross without supervision, with our community safety factors supports children to safe crossing places, careful drivers and speed limits.

Show an interest in the activity that the child is doing, look at what is going on and discuss questions such as: • How far is it to the ground?
• How far to the top?
• How will you get down?
• How safe is that going to be?
• How do your friends get up or down?
• How could you hurt yourself doing that?
• How will you make sure you don’t get hurt?
• Go slower, hold on, Look, listen.
For younger children get down to their line of sight and look up at the climbing frame and say: • How tall is the climbing frame?
• Are you going to be okay?
• Do you need any help?
• Remind them that they can ask for help when they need it. Change words accordingly, depending on age/stage of child/young person e.g. I wonder how tall the climbing frame is? First we can help them climb the climbing frame and when they know how to climb it then they can do it...
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