Cyp Core 3.6 1.1 and 1.2

Topics: Childhood, Young, Youth Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: November 17, 2012
1.1: Explain the importance of Multi-Agency working.
Multi-agency is when a group of organisations comes in as a whole to go and help someone or a group of people such as a family. They will work closely with them to give each of them help they need. Multi-agencies can also mean “A range of different services which have some overlapping or shared interests and objectives, brought together to work collaboratively towards some common purpose” (Wigfield and Moss, 2001, p71). Multi-agency is important because it helps someone, a family or a school become more settled and they will be receiving the help that they need. There are many multi-agencies that can give them that help including: Social workers, who are there for children when parents are ill or disabled, Home carers, who are there to help out with shopping and tidying, physiotherapists, who are there to help people struggling with limbs e.g. if a parent is struggling to walk because of their legs then a physiotherapist will go round to their house and help them to walk again as much as they can. Every Child Matters also includes in multi-agency work, they are there to provide help and support to all children being referred to different agencies. Every Child matters is also a Legislation and apart of the Common Assessment Framework. “The Green Paper Every Child Matters (DfES 2003) and the Children’s Act 2004 outlined a Common Assessment Framework (CAF) as a way of providing early intervention for children before they reach a crisis point.” (Tassoni, 2010) Every Child Matters helps children up to 19 or 24 if they have a disability. It is also classed as a policy and situates with The Children’s Act 2004. Every Child Matters will work with any children, whatever their situation whether it’s a poor upbringing or their environment. They have 5 aims for the children and they are: Be healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and achieve, Make a positive contribution, Achieve economic wellbeing.

1.2 Analyse how integrated...
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