Cyp Core 3.5

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CYP Core 3.5: Develop positive relationships with children, young people and others involved in their care.

1.1 Explain why positive relationships with children and young people are important and how these are built and maintained.

Positive relationships with children and young people are important for the growth and development of the child in your setting. It is essential for a child to feel secure in an environment as this will have a bearing on their willingness to participate and hence their learning. Building a positive relationship with a child creates trust and respect between you and allows for openness i.e. a child will be comfortable talking to you which will assist in language development, allows for you to plan accurately as you will have a better understanding of their needs as well as their likes and dislikes. The more you interact with a child with positive feedback, remarks, actions and body language, the more they will relax in your company and feel they can and want to talk to you, and you in turn will be better equipped to read their body language and understand their expressions and emotions. All this will aid in building them emotionally and academically.  

Building positive relationships is different according to the age and stage of a child and young person as I have outlined below. Universally, a simple greeting like saying ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’, or a smile goes a long way in building and maintaining relationships. Some factors are appropriate across some age groups such as consistency, fairness, keeping promises and sorting out conflicts and disagreements.

BabyAppointing a key person to a baby is imperative. The key person will form a bond with the baby through physical touch (holding & cuddling), eye contact, physical care (nappy changing, feeding) and by reacting to a baby’s sounds for example responding with smiles and positive words to a baby babbling. Maintaining a positive relationship with babies is through...
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