Cyp Core 3.4 Support Children and Young Peoples Health and Safety

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Task 1 There are many factors you should take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments. Look at the pictures below, and then complete the boxes in the grid to explain how you might need to adapt them in order to take the list of factors into account.

Factor| Indoor environment| Outdoor environment|
Age and ability of the children| * Age appropriate chairs and height of table. For example in year 3 the chairs and height of table are different of that to a year 6 classroom. * SEN are given the correct equipment to aid them | * Age-appropriate equipment for example soft ball for foundation stage playground and normal football for the KS3 children * Foundation stage children have separate play grounds. * Check safety requirements and whether it is developmentally suitable for them.| Individual needs of the children| * Making sure the safety of the children is met. * SEN children require individual one to one support at times. * The correct equipment is available.| * The outside boundaries need to be secure. * Check if playground is safe from litter, broken glass and animal droppings. * The toys and equipment is equally shared out.| Sensory impairments| * Good lighting * Ensure learners have the correct amount of natural light and any enhanced lighting needed for any specific activity. * If a child requires a hearing aid.| * In serious cases an adult could assist the child in outdoor activities. * Separate equipment that helps them to recognise it. * Floor markings that helps them see for example faded out markings should be repainted. It could be a game of hopscotch.| Needs of families and carers| * If there’s a language barrier the school could provide an interpreter that could help them. * Creating awareness by giving them visitor badges.| * Any school visitors are asked to sign in and out in case of a fire. * Children have different exits so it’s easier for the families and carers to pick their children up.| Function and purpose of the environment| * Wet and dry play area in foundation stage has the correct signs and equipment. * Reading corner in year three is child friendly with a calming atmosphere and set out for example a lamp, fairy lights, colourful pictures, familiar books that are already there, sofas, beanbags.| * In foundation stage outdoor area they have a hopscotch painting on the floor. * Wet area and waterproof jackets. * Sand castles and equipment for the sand pit. * They have a boundary gate only accessible for adults with a code. * They have a hut where children can take shade in maybe rainy weathers or extremely sunny weathers.| The duty of care| * Children need to feel safe and comfortable. * All equipment is stored safely. * Cleaning products are stored safely. * Hazard signs are placed when needed for example mopped floors need a warning sign.| * Staff that are on playground duty should always be alert. * All accidents taken place are reported and recorded and first aiders should be notified. * All equipment should be regularly checked. * Any broken glass or rubbish should be cleaned up.| Desired outcomes for children and young people| * Age appropriate resources are available. * All children needs are met.| * Encouraging them to play with the equipment correctly. * Keeping them safe| Lines of responsibility and accountability| * Caretakers responsibility to keep halls, corridors and toilets safe and clean. * The teacher has a responsibility for the safety of the class. * Management is in charge of fire drills. | * Caretaker is in charge of the school perimeter. * Staff that are on playtime duty are aware of hazards. * Staff who are in charge of equipment keep up the standards of it by testing it. |

Discuss your ideas as a group, or with your workplace mentor/supervisor.

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