Cyp Core 3.4: Support Children & Young People’s Health & Safety.

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Understand how to plan & provide environments & services that support children & young people’s health & safety.

1.1Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy & safe indoor & outdoor environments & services.

There are a number of important principles to think about when you are planning for healthy and safe environments or activities with children. Most of these are common sense but you need to remember that everyone is an individual and may have different needs. There are several points to take into consideration when planning safety: · Every child is an individual – with different needs depending on their age and abilities. You must think about this when planning activities. ·Some children have specific needs such as sensory impairments. ·The different needs of families and careers must be considered. ·Always be clear about why you are using the environment in question, the activities a child encounters and what sorts of services are offered. ·The duty of care of a setting to children, parents and careers is a legal obligation. You should always have the child’s safety and welfare in the front of your mind when planning. ·The desired outcomes for the children are the starting point. Most activities with children should have clear aims and objectives that are based around the required outcomes linked to their age. ·Lines of responsibility and accountability are down to everyone that is employed in a setting, responsibility for the health and safety of children and staff are down to all employers and there should be clear reporting responsibilities.

When I plan I ensure that the location/setting of what I plan to do with the Children is the right environment for the activity. I ensure that I account for all possibilities. If I were using bikes or scooters I would check that the bikes or scooters were in good working condition and safe. I would ensure the equipment (bikes or scooters) are used in the proper manner and with all the safety accessories (helmets/elbow & knee pads) with plenty of space, so it would be impractical to use them indoors due to the lack of space, they would be used outdoors. I would check that all the entrances and exits to the outdoor area are secure (closed/locked) I would ensure that I had the correct staff ratio to support with the activity. I would ensure that the planned outdoor space for the activity was safe, that there were no rubbish, or plant threats, that there was no dog or cat mess around and that the ground was suitable for riding bikes or scooters. In my risk assessment’s I make sure that I take into account that Children and Young people are individuals, each with different needs. A varied environment supports Children and Young people’s learning and development, it gives them confidence to explore and learn in safe and secure yet challenging indoors or outdoor space. Risk assessments are carried out to ensure the safety of the activity and for all taking part in the activity. Risk assessments should be carried out for all activities and regular checks should be carried out around the setting daily.

1.2Explain how health & safety is monitored & maintained & how people in the work setting are made aware of risks & hazards & encouraged to work safely.

Health and safety is monitored and maintained in a verity of ways within the setting. Under the Health and safety at work act 1974 all employees have a responsibility for the health and safety of everyone else. There is a poster displayed in the setting outlining responsibilities, we have a Healthy and Safety policy, which is shared with all staff and available to parents, outlining the main areas and objectives. These objectives are implemented into the everyday running of the setting – all staff are aware of health and safety and are constantly assessing the area that they are working in or the activity they are carrying out, there are also other policies in place covering – food and drink,...
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