Cyp Core 3.3

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  • Published: May 1, 2012
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Alice Bingham


CYP Core 3.3- Understand how to safeguard the well-being of children young people

1.1- Outline the current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK Home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people-

Children’s Act 1989 and 2004-
If there are children that are being accommodated by the Local Authority, then this all comes under the Children Act 1989.

There are six beliefs within the Children Act 1989:
* The best place for children to be looked after is within their own homes. * The welfare of the child is the paramount consideration. * Parents should continue to be involved with their children and any legal proceedings that may concern them, and that legal proceedings should be necessary in most instances. * The welfare of children should be promoted by partnership between the family and the Local Authority. * Children should not be removed from their family, or contact terminated, unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. * The child’s needs arising from race, culture, religion and language must be taken into account. online 03-02-2012

The Children’s Act 1989 is a law that relates to children to provide for the local authority services that provide for children in need and others. The law is there to put in place of the respect of children’s homes, community homes, voluntary homes and voluntary organisations. Fostering, child minding, adoption and day care for young children is related to this law in a way that the Children’s Act 1989 helps in these areas. The Children’s Act 1989 introduced the concept of parental responsibility. This act aimed to ensure that children’s welfare was dominant, whilst working in partnership with the parents/carers. It is there to strengthen the child’s legal position, to give the child legal rights, feelings and wishes. The Children’s Act 1989 was then updated to The Children’s Act 2004 to ensure that...
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