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CYP Core 3.1 Understand child and young person development

The importance of early identification of speech, language and communication delays and disorders and the potential risks of late recognition
It is important that speech, language and communication delays and any other disorders are noticed as early as possible so that intervention can be used to support the child or young person to imperative. ‘Although some children will develop normal speech and language skills without treatment by the time they enter school, it is important to identify those who will not.’ This quote is stating that it is important to pick speech, language problems before they enter school setting so they can support the child to develop.

Observation can be used to identify speech, language and communication delays because you will be able to see what certain area it may be for example if their put in the point ‘light’ they won’t answer because their self-esteem is low and may be they do not know any thing ad if they do answer it will always be wrote. It may also be the child speech may be unclear because they may not able to say certain letter or get them mixed up. So from doing the observation you will be able to do the next step may have to get outside agencies involved with the child such as; speech and language therapist, SENCO.

If I had a concern about a child speech, language and communication skills I as a placement student I would go to the class leader and express what I think may be wrong and see if and any else has picked it up. Then I would ask if I would be allowed to be involved in what happens next so I would know what happened or see if I could do any activates with the child that have been told to do in the setting, so I would be able to develop my own skills and knowledge, also how to deal with a speech, language and communication delay for I ever have to be the one who has to talk to the therapist....
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