Cyp 3.7 Models of Disabilty

Topics: Disability, Sociology, Life Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: June 9, 2012
The term ‘Disability’ covers a range of impairments or conditions, not all of which are visibility.

Disability has the potential to cause negative effects on children’s life chances, including •Physical impairments and chronic medical conditions may disrupt their education. •Adult may look at the child’s disability and only see what is wrong with that child and not at what that child could achieve with the right guidance, and therefore the child’s well being and self-esteem may be affected. •Learning difficulties or difficulties with emotional or social development may hamper children’s all-round progress. •Families with a disabled child often experience financial difficulties which may restrict children’s opportunities in life – not only the disabled child but siblings an relationships within the family may be destabilised by the stresses of caring for a disabled child. It is quite easy for a disabled child to reach their full potential, become independence and play a full part in society if we use positive attitudes, this will reduce the difficulties children with disabilities encounter throughout life.

A person is often disabled as a result of their impairment, unless; •The environment around them is adjusted to their requirements •The right resources and facilities are made available
The ATTITUDES of the people around them is positive and based on what they see in front of them. Disabled children and young people are individuals that deserve respect for what they are capable of achieving. It is often thought that disabled children will not make a lot out of life chances; it is down to us as practitioners to have positive attitudes about their capabilities and give them opportunities to strive and achieve the same as every other child. The social modal if disability and the medical model of disability help us to understand the effect of disability on individuals. Medical Modal

Medical modal is a view of a disability that...
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