Cyp 3.6

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CYP 3.6


When dealing with children and young people there are always times were a child may need to disclose information to us which they want kept confidential. In this instant it is very important that we are seen to be able to give a certain level of trust to the child, it is also important that we let the child know that although they can trust us with this piece of information that if we believe by withholding it we may be putting the child’s welfare at risk therefore we may need to tell the correct person.

If a child has told us something in confidence but we believe that this information could lead to the un-safety of this child we should firstly make a note of the information shared we should be very accurate making sure we writ down word for word of the account also the place, date and time of the discussion. Once we have a written account of what has happened we should either monitor the child for signs of abuse for example a change in the child’s day to day emotions were as if child A is usually loud and quite passive they may change under abuse and be quiet and very withdrawn. If such signs are detected we should then take the next step of informing a higher person in my case as a deputy- play leader I would inform the senior play leader who may then want to take matters into to there own hand by informing the correct authorities such as the social services or even the police. We must make sure they then have the written account yu made wth all the necessary information.
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