Cyp 3.6

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Working Together CYP 3.6
1) What is the importance of multi-agency working and integration working? (1.1) The EYFS is not just a curriculum designed to make sure all children are learning it also has legislative guidance that are backed up by the current laws that are in place to protect all children. The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) came from Every Child Matters (ECM) ECM came into being because a young girl died due to a number of agencies being aware that the child had needs and was living in and with conditions that were unsuitable. Unfortunately none of the agencies were aware or came together collectively and so the young girl died. The ECM has evolved and is now the EYFS which recently changed in August 2012. Before the ECM there were a lot of different agencies who all wanted the best for all children but due to confidentiality and not having one person speaking for that child/in charge there was hardly if any communication between the different agencies so some children slipped through the cracks and were not noticed at all or in time or were under different agencies who then thought it was the responsibility of another agency or simply did not know what next steps to take. There is a statutory guidance that along with OFSTEAD gives a clear path for practitioners to follow so that all children are inclusive. The statutory guidance clearly states when and how to use different agencies so that all children attain their five outcomes. If a practitioner feels that a child needs further help outside of the setting then they will need to fill in a pre-caf form. This form enables a practitioner to write the information down about the child. If it is decided that a child does need further help then a full CAF form will be filled in. This is where a Team Around the Child (TAC) comes into work. A TAC is where it is decided through a set professional (the person in charge of that case) that a child needs help in one area. TAC is a multi-disciplinary team...
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