Cyp 3.6

Topics: Need, Want, Poverty Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Compare the aims and objectives of different businesses
In this task I am going to investigate the aims and objectives of different types of businesses. The businesses I have chosen are McDonalds and Oxfam. I am going to compare these aims and objectives by identifying the differences and similarities. Then see how they relate to their sector, the size of the business, the purpose of the business and its ownership. I am going to write a summary on a word document of what I have found.

Firstly I will be talking about the aims and objectives of Oxfam. From my research I have found the aims of Oxfam which are: * To aid third world countries in any way they can.
* To relieve poverty, distress and suffering.
* To campaign for a fairer world.
* To educate people about nature, causes and effect of poverty. * To encourage western countries to donate and help the needy. Their objectives are:
* To advertise more.
* To do more voluntary work.
* To try to raise as much money as they can for the third world countries.

Now, I will talk about the aims of McDonalds which are:
* To open 30 restaurants per year.
* To serve good food in a friendly and fun environment.
* To provide good returns to the shareholders.
* To be a socially responsible restaurant.
* To provide its customers with food of high standards, quick service and value for money. Their objectives are:
* To be the world’s best, quick serviced restaurant.
* To provide more goods than the competitor.
* To make a profit.
* To open franchises.
* To advertise more.
* To put halal meat on the menu.

The similarities between McDonalds and Oxfam are that they both want to serve customers in the best possible way that they can. However Oxfam doesn’t sell items or services to customers, they provide help to the needy. McDonalds wants to offer a quick and fast service to their customers to avoid long waiting times, Oxfam also want to...
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