Cyp 3.4: Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

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CYP 3.4: support children and young people’s health and safety Task 1
When planning health and safety indoor and outdoor environmental services we must take into account •The individual needs abilities and ages of the children and young people. •Certain risk factors

Mobility ,sensory ,medical needs
The needs of carers and extended family
The environment and the services that are available
The duty of care to always have the child’s safety and welfare in mind. •The desired outcome clear aims and objectives based around the EYFS framework. •Lines of responsibilities everyone has responsibility for the health and safety of the children and young people each member of staff need clear reporting responsibilities. 1.2

Health and safety is monitored within the setting by
Daily risk assessments
Comprehensive policies which may include
Lost child, behaviour ,house rules, safeguarding children and young people, fire safety, emergency cover for medical needs, medical and medicine permission, •Accident/incident record book.
Indoor play area. Quiet area toys and equipment
Outdoor area toys and equipment checked grass areas checked for animal mess or litter. •Outing risk assessments in place for planned trips.
Each risk assessment is reviewed 6/12 to meet the needs of growing children and young people. •Visitors book checked daily
Smoke alarms checked weekly and recorded
Fire escape plan in place and fire drill practised each term •All windows ,doors locks are secure to stop children leaving the building •Policy’s are up to date and signed by parents.
My daily risk assessment
Risk Assessment

Daily checks
All Rooms
Electric sockets coveredShock, burns deathCover all sockets House PlantsPoison allergy rash No plants in play area
Windows and low level glassCuts falls Cover with safety glass Cords on blinds and curtainsStrangulation deathTie up or remove Trailing wire and cablesTrips falls head injuryAll wires secure FlooringTrips falls head injuryAll falling secure on rugs

Heating/VentilationOver/under heatingRegulate with thermometer


Front door-lockable and keys availableChildren could escape onto busy road of lock carer out of settingSafety lock at high level Keys at high level
Stairs and banistersTrips ,falls Stairs kept clutter free safety gates in place ShoesGerms, dirt, harm to younger children if stood on.Shoes removed and put away after outdoor visits Meter cupboardShock burnsLocked away

Smoke AlarmSmoke inhalation burns deathAlarms checked weekly Other

Reception Room/Lounge/Dinning Room
Table ClothsSpills burns suffocationNo table cloths
AlcoholPoison ,sickness Alcohol looked away
Hot drinksBurns scalds No hot drinks in play area
Fires and heatersBurns scalds over heatingRegulated with thermometer Toys and resourcesCuts falls harmChecked daily for wear and tear. Remove or replace Harness on highchairFalls strangulation Monitor child and strap in securely


Knives and sharp implementsCuts harm to self or othersLocked away CookerBurns scaldsKitchen gate
Dangerous substancesPoison burnsLocked away
Hot surfaces and cooking utensilsBurns scaldsGate on kitchen Electrical appliances Shock, burns deathAt secure level on trailing leads KettleShock burns scaldsAt secure level on trailing leads

Washing machineDrowning electric shockSwitched off at plug DishwasherDrowning electric shockSwitched off at plug
Fire BlanketSuffocation At safe level
Fridge (food correctly stored, in date etc)Food poison e coli Fridge temp checked and recorded Pets (food bowls)
Litter trayPoison sicknessKept away from play area

MedicinesPoison In safe cupboard
First Aid BoxMisuse cuts poison from creamsIn safe cupboard Toilet BrushPoison upset stomach In locked cupboard
Temperature of...
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