Cyp 3.4 Ac1.2 &2.4 Supporting Teaching and Learning

Topics: Risk, Hazard, Risk assessment Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Health and safety is monitored and maintained in various ways within School; we have Health and Safety policy that complies with the Health and Safety at work at 1974, this is available on the School’s VLE for all staff, parents and students to see, the Health and Safety policy outlines the main objectives, these objectives are implemented every day in school. All staff at School has regular training to keep them up to date with the current Health and Safety at school. Every department within School has a Health and Safety representative that is responsible for keeping individual departmental Health and Safety Policies up to date.

Under the Health and Safety at work at 1974 all employees at Jack Hunt School has a responsibility to comply with Health and Safety within the School. All staff are to check equipment they are planning to use before the students use it, this is to ensure that it is safe. Staff in subjects where goggles, gloves or aprons are used they are to ensure that they not faulty and provided when required.

Risk Assessments are an important part of protecting; staff, students and visitors to School. A risk assessment is carried out to identify potential risks and/or hazards, once you have identified the risk and/or hazard you would need to carry out a risk assessment to try to minimise the risk and/or hazard to a minimal and acceptable level for staff, pupils and visitors. When you are completing a risk assessment you need to remember that it is only effective at the time of assessment and should be monitored at all times reviewing if an accident should happen or annually whichever may arise first. You have a legal obligation to complete risk assessments for anything and everything you do at school whether this is onsite or offsite. Not only are risk assessments a legal requirement but if you do not complete risk assessments you are putting yourself, pupils, visitors and other staff in danger.

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