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Cyp 3.1 Explain Sequence and Rate of Development from Birth to 19...

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Cyp 3.1 Explain Sequence and Rate of Development from Birth to 19 Years

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|Age Range 0-3 |Age Range 0-3 |Age Range 0-3 | |Physical development |Communication and language development |Social, emotional and behavioural development | |. Birth-1 year - children master in both gross and fine motor skills. |. Birth- 1 year - Cognition begins, awareness and recognition. Able to |. Birth-1 year - Develops an attachment to the primary carer, often | |Babies are able to reflex their heads in order to suckle the mother’s |be stimulated with toys. Cry in different tempo’s so that the parent |the mother. Watches parents face when being spoken to. Smiles and | |nipple. Able to lift head when placed on their stomach. Kicks and |will be able to know whether their hungry, tired or just feeling |makes gurgling and laughing noises. | |moves legs and arms. Supports their whole body on their legs. Develops|unwell. Appears to listen to parent’s voice - often watches their |. 1-2 years - Enjoys social play, might have a certain toy that they | |vision, able to recognise familiar faces. |faces. |like to play with or a favourite song. Responds to other people’s | |Teeth will emerge from about 6 months |. 1-2 years - Responds to the word ‘no’. Shows emotions by tone of |expressions i.e. sad, smiley face. Often known as the terrible 2’s | |. 1 -2 years - Develop muscles in arms and legs for walking. |voice. Babbles chains of consonants. |children often test you to see where your boundaries lie. | |Coordination, stability and an improved ability to hold...

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