Topics: Aedes aegypti, Mosquito, Blood Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Dengue Fever
Many diseases spread the world affecting and even killing many people. Some diseases are serious, and some are controllable. Dengue Fever is one of the many viruses around the world that sneak up on you and cause many problems. Luckily, the warning signs for Dengue fever are mostly obvious, so you know you have it. The disease differentiates between the certain people who obtain the disease. Through Dengue fever, an amazing story has occurred. Dengue fever brought together a village and gave them hope to killing off this nasty disease.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito has found to be the source of Dengue fever. Mosquito’s live there life sucking blood and laying eggs. They lay their eggs in clean water, so that they can produce in a sanitary environment. Once the larva hatch, the mosquito goes through many phases until becoming a full mosquito. The mosquito begins to search for his meal and sucks the blood of a human. From the mosquito’s abdomen releases a toxic fluid which is inserted into the human. This fluid is the beginning of Dengue fever. The warning signs are quite clear, due to the person who was affected by Dengue. High fever, retro orbital pain, fatigue, rash, and vomiting are all minor signs of Dengue. Before long, the person begins to feel lethargic, have persistent vomiting, have a tender abdomen, and become internally bleeding. All of these signs are extreme warnings. After a couple of hours occur, increased fluid leakage, a low platelet counts, internal bleeding, increased cytokines, and shock from low blood volume begin to show. Dengue fever affects each person differently. If a child were to become infected with Dengue, the warning signs would be less noticeable, and the fever would be less treatable. When Dengue affects an adult, the disease is still as dangerous, but is noticeable that they need help. Many people get Dengue in their system more than once, but the second infection is the absolute worst. The individual risk factors...
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