Cyclone Tracey

Topics: Darwin, Northern Territory, Cyclone Tracy, Christmas Pages: 1 (421 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Cyclone Tracey is a tropical cyclone which demolished the city of Darwin in 1974. According to scientists and geographers this cyclone has been the strongest cyclone on the Australian basin. Cyclone Tracey destroyed 837 million dollars’ worth of property; it killed 71 people and left 41000 people homeless. Bruce Stannard stated that cyclone Tracey was a “disaster of first magnitude without parallel in Australia’s history”. Here is where the cyclone hit in Darwin and as you can see it hit more than 90% of the city. Cyclone Tracey was said to begin at Christmas Eve and finish at Christmas day. Cyclone Tracy began as a depression in the Arafura Sea on 20 December 1974. It gradually moved in a south western direction, whereupon it intensified. After that, it moved sharply in a south eastern direction, and then headed straight for Darwin. So in conclusion it was caused by a natural cause. Cyclone Tracey caused a lot of social and economic problems and some of these included health issues because the sewerage system was damaged, and sewer lines blocked and overflowed, plus there was a lot of rotting garbage that caused disease. People had to leave the city, which meant they had to leave everything behind including their lives. After the city was evacuated Darwin was rebuilt using the latest material and technology, they also made the buildings and structures with extra supporting to withstand future attacks. The way individuals responded to this natural disaster was not pleasant. People could never get over the fact of just going to a new city and leaving behind all their possessions, family and lives. Also the city of Darwin had not been hit by a cyclone for many years and they would least expect one to hit them on Christmas. The people of Darwin were warned about an upcoming cyclone and they should have taken action such as evacuation before the cyclone hit them and doing this would have saved a lot of lives and time. They also could follow the warnings and taken...
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