Cycling Is an Ideal Mode of Transport in Busy Urban Centres. Do You Agree?

Topics: Bicycle, Automobile, Cycling Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: February 1, 2013
With the improvement of living standard, the ownership of cars is increasing because of their convenience and rapid speed. However, some social experts consider that as a form of transport in urban areas, cycling is better than cars, which could combine the means of transport with public health. This essay will argue that cycling is an ideal mode of transport in crowed cities by focusing on the expenditure and environment effects.

Firstly, cycling is a convenient and affordable mean of transport. Cyclists do not need to worry about traffic congestion which often appears during rush hour in busy cites. Normally it is believed that commuting by motor vehicles is quicker than by bikes, however, in short distance, cycling may spend a short time which does not include traffic jam and parking. Furthermore, cycling could reduce the cost of living dramatically. With the price of petrol, parking and maintenance increasing, traveling by cars costs more money than by bicycle. Despite the fact that cycling is not available for bad weather, most circumstance is suitable to ride a bike. Therefore, overall cycling is beneficial to the users.

In addition to this, another reason to choose cycling is that it is environmental friendly. Compared with cars, cycling does not emit any carbon dioxide to the environment. Motor vehicles have already become the main polluter. If cycling is encouraged, air pollution would be reduced considerably and climate change could be alleviated in the future. Moreover, cycling is an effective way to escape from noise, because noisy pollution in urban centres is caused mainly by cars, which has negative impacts on living quality. As a result, cycling has minimal effects on the environment.

In conclusion, cycling is an ideal mean of transport in modern cities as it is cost effective and environmental friendly. Therefore, government should build more implement for cycling such as bike paths and lines to ensure the safety of cyclists, which could...
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