Cyberslacking Article Review

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  • Published: June 1, 2009
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Cyberslacking Article Review


Business Law

June 4, 2009

Internet usage on the job is a typical issue in the 21st century workplace. Discovering the consequences and regulation of internet use on the job from manager to newest employee uncovers several issues. The jurisdiction of human resources at the workplace, industry regulation and court authority over internet usage combine to form the expected behavior of employees in company policies.

Since the emailing system has been in effect within the workplace, communication has become more prominent in delivering messages or memos to individuals. The internet has now become an asset within the large and smaller companies for sources of information and production. When companies allot salary wages to an employee, expectations to work are expected. Some companies recognize that resources are needed from the internet to perform their job duties, however , the internet is not to abuse and access for personal gain.

A war exists in corporate America regarding internet usage in the workplace. Issues have arisen and management has been unsure how to handle the issue properly. According to the article "Controlling Internet Use in the Workplace," the author proposed to "Set policies for internet use. Rules need to exist before they can be enforced" (Taillon, 2004).

As mentioned prior, larger companies experience dishonesty while employees utilize the internet during working hours. Since larger companies take advantage of the monitoring system on the market, the fear of breaching security within the companies has allowed the approach of honesty and integrity to co-exist with a type of assurance. By technology continually changing, a company must have a variety of safeguards in protecting the company and the use of internet within.

Protection is the main objective. Investors want to know that what they take interest in is protected and continually growing...
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