Topics: Panic attack, Fear, Phobia Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: January 23, 2008
What is Cyberphobia?

Defined as "a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of computers or working on a computer", each year this surprisingly common phobia causes countless people needless distress.

To add insult to an already distressing condition, most cyberphobia therapies take months or years and sometimes even require the patient to be exposed repeatedly to their fear. We believe that not only is this totally unnecessary, it will often make the condition worse. And it is particularly cruel as cyberphobia can be eliminated with the right methods and just 24 hours of commitment by the phobic individual.

Known by a number of names - Cyberophobia, Fear of Computers, and Fear of Working on Computers being the most common - the problem often significantly impacts the quality of life. It can cause panic attacks and keep people apart from loved ones and business associates. Symptoms typically include shortness of breath, rapid breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, and overall feelings of dread, although everyone experiences cyberphobia in their own way and may have different symptoms.

Though a variety of potent drugs are often prescribed for cyberphobia, side effects and/or withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Moreover, drugs do not "cure" cyberphobia or any other phobia. At best they temporarily suppress the symptoms through chemical interaction.

The good news is that the modern, fast, drug-free processes of The CTRN Phobia Clinic will train your mind to feel completely different about computers or working on a computer, eliminating the fear so it never haunts you again. Consider the true cost of living with Cyberphobia.

If you are living with cyberphobia, what is the real cost to your health, your career or school, and to your family life? Avoiding the issue indefinitely would mean resigning yourself to living in fear, missing out on priceless life experiences big and small, living a life that is just a shadow of what it will be...
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