Cybercrime in Malaysia and Usa

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“Cybercrime in Malaysia and U.S.A”
What should we do in Malaysia.
According to the Oxford advance learner’s dictionary, the meaning of cybercrime is the crime that committed using the Internet, for example by stealing somebody's personal or bank details or infecting their computer with a virus. Meanwhile, according to India Cyber lab website, cybercrime is illegal act that commit via internet such as spreading virus, hacking, internet auction fraud, trafficking in contraband goods, internet sexual assault, and internet-advertising bank loans fraud. Moreover, the used of many social networking nowadays also has become the reasons why the cybercrime raised. Cybercrime does not happen without internet. Through direct lines, criminals can expand his crime activities to other countries which are out of Malaysian authorities. For example, popular social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter caused cyber stalking and it is one of the cybercrime. This assignment attempts to discuss about three categories of cybercrime. There are cybercrime on to properties, cybercrime on to human being, and cybercrime against organization and society. Next it will discuss on the comparison of these three categories. The cases happened in Malaysia and USA, and comparison of this crime between these two countries.

There are three categories of cybercrime which are cybercrime on to properties, cybercrime on to human being, and cybercrime against organization and society. These three categories have their differences. The first category is cybercrime on to properties. The example for this cybercrime is stealing information, intellectual properties, money as well as services. Stealing information is access webpage or system of other without permission and gets the information from that website without permission too. While intellectual property is such as credit card fraud. It occurs when irresponsible individuals did any transaction by using someone’s credit card for his or her own benefits. Moreover, it is also included software piracy such as illegal copying of programs, distribution of copies of software, copyright infringement, trademarks violations and theft of computer source code. Others cases of cybercrime on to properties is internet time theft which the usage of the Internet hours by an unauthorized person which is actually paid by another person. The second category of cybercrime is cybercrime on to human being. The example of this category are spam e-mails, email spoofing, harassment and cyber stalking and cyber defamation. Spam e-mails means sending multiple copies of unsolicited mails or mass e-mails such as chain letters. How to avoid / do… A spoofed email is one in which e-mail header is forged so that mail appears to originate from one source but actually has been sent from another source. How to avoid /do….The third example is harassment and cyber stalking. Cyber stalking means following the moves of an individual's activity over internet such as their blogs, website, facebook, twitter, and many more. It can be done with the help of many protocols available such at e- mail, chat rooms, user net groups. Next is cybercrime against organization and society. Organization is …………………… Society is ……………………………………

One of the cases on this category of cybercrime is unauthorized accessing of computer by accessing the computer or network without permission from the owner. However it can be of two forms which the first one is changing or deleting data which is call as unauthorized changing of data. The second one is computer voyeur occurs when the reads or copies confidential or proprietary information, but the data is neither deleted nor changed. Cases number two is denial of service. When Internet server is flooded with continuous bogus requests so as to denying legitimate users to use the server or to crash the server.  Cases number three is virus attack. A computer virus is a computer program that...
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