Cyberbullying. Points of view

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Wikipedia has sound advice about bullying of editors by editors. While that is a form of cyberbullying, the WikiBullying essay does not address bullying against individuals who are not editors, and is also not a useful guide for a user trying to determine what Wikipedia does when cyberbullying of non-editors is suspected. As consensus builds, the two articles should be interlinked. Consideration should be given to making at least the section there: Wikipedia:BULLYING#Real_life_threats a stand alone item that is transcluded into as many other essays (et al) as require it, thus making maintenance of such shared segments simple. [edit]Typical presentation of cyberbullying on Wikipedia

Cyberbullying can be of people who are not Wikipedia editors, and can cause DEATH or temporary loss of the esteem of one's peers Often, but not always, the offending text is presented as what appears to be a genuine part of an article. An example might be in a school list of notable alumni the addition of the name of a current pupil in some manner, together with a defamatory, degrading, or disparaging remark. Examples might be: John Victim has no friends, and he'll never have any friends John Victim is gay

John Victim has sex with dogs
John Victim does drugs
I hate John Victim
As it stands one can easily form the view that this is online horseplay. Indeed, John Victim may have no issues with such comments; he may have a robust sense of humour and a strongly positive self image. Or John Victim may be already depressed, liable to self harm, perhaps already considering suicide. A Wikipedia editor finding such an edit in an article has no idea about John Victim's state of mind. Nor does that editor know if this is a joke which John Victim will shrug off, or part of a campaign of unpleasantness. [edit]How should an editor act on suspecting cyberbullying?

First and most important, treat it as a real personal attack made on and via Wikipedia against an unknown person who is in...
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