Cyber bullying

Most of us think cyber bullying isn’t that big of a deal but in real life it is a huge problem. Studies show that nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online and one in four teenagers have had it happen more than once to them. Just try to imagine how many kids have suffered at our school and cant tell anyone because they are scared to get made fun of even more. Now close your eyes and try to imagine:

You’re walking down the hall before school as a new student and get into your first class. You meet a few of your classmates and become really good friends but in the middle of the school year they start drifting off. As you walk alone in the halls you can feel your phone with the other sound of everyone else’s phone around you. You open up the message and realize it’s a picture of you walking alone with paragraphs of words like loner, anorexic freak, fake, rude, stuck up, weirdo, dork, ugly etc. You run to the bathroom as you feel tears start to come, not even caring if you’ll be late to class. You get to the bathroom and look in the mirror. You hate everything you see all because of some things said to you on a screen. You used to love everything about yourself. You would accept and embrace your flaws but now you hate them. You try everything you can to get rid of yourself and your flaws. First you try to cut yourself but feel like that isn’t stopping the pain, it’s only making you think more about what you did wrong. The next day, you try to take pills but wake up the next morning still feeling like nothing. That day at school you receive the one text that pushes you over the edge. When you get home, you start to write your suicide note. You leave it on your bed and tell your parents you are going to bed early. You say good night and I love you to them then go to your room.

The next morning the parents find you and your suicide note. Your mom and dad start to cry wondering why you did this to yourself not knowing the pain you have been...
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