Cyber Security

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Focusing on Cyber Security
In Preparation for
Cyber Warfare


The world of Information Technology is complex and sometimes difficult to completely understand. When studying information systems, one must look at this aspect as well as the business component. The strength of its infrastructure is vital to government agencies and corporations that rely on technological advances for efficiency of their business processes. As we continue to progress in making information technology more efficient, we must focus on advancing its security components and respond to the growing phenomenon of cyber warfare. We can protect ourselves from potential cybercriminals by improving antivirus and computer software such as firewalls, and intrusion detection systems, and by implementing employee training in computer security. Major attacks also need to be publicized so that corporations and business entrepreneurs can make necessary precautions for their businesses. A recent publicized attack was Operation “Shady Rat,” however there have been a number of successful attacks since the ‘90s. This attack affected approximately 14 countries and over 70 corporations with damages amounting to billions of dollars. The details and whereabouts of the data that was possibly stolen have yet to be discovered by research officials and analysts; how will that data be used and what do they have? The U.S must realize that strengthening the defenses of the IT world is equally as important as strengthening military defenses, if not more. Cyberspace is slowly starting to establish itself as a legit battlefield and the U.S must be prepared .to defend itself in the event of a cyber war. In order to do this, there are components of the IT infrastructure that have to be looked at including cyber security tools and systems, computer software, and other vulnerabilities within the infrastructure. The U.S should reallocate some resources to these areas of focus before irreparable damage is done to the world economy and the U.S infrastructure. Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare

So much attention is given to improving efficiency of business through technology that the United States forgets to enhance the security aspects of the new and improved machines, software, and servers. The researcher of this topic would be wrong in saying that no attention was being given to this issue. The White House and the Pentagon have attempted to implement plans, but after looking at the cost of damages and repair, there should be more resources devoted to fixing this problem. More attention must be focused on the advancement of IT infrastructure specifically cyber security, and to the phenomenon of cyber warfare as cyber attacks on U.S corporations continue to inflict damage and become more detrimental to the United States economy and society as a whole. The future of American prosperity and competitiveness depends on these improvements. As stated in the Laudon & Laudon text, the IT infrastructure provides the foundation for supporting all the information systems in the business (Laudon & Laudon, 2010). It is composed of computer hardware, computer software, data management technology, networking and telecommunications technology, and technology services. Computer security software is one area that should be addressed. New Windows software is being developed everyday with improvements in performance, usability, support for interfaces, and security. For some corporations, Windows is the operating system for network servers. Are the security enhancements really being improved that much? Is there enough effort and money being put toward these enhancements? These are questions to ask due to the increasing number of cyber attacks against all types of computers including PCs, mainframes, servers, work stations, and supercomputers. The security aspect of the infrastructure refers to the policies, procedures, software, and technical measures used...
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