Cyber Friends vs. Real Life Friends

Topics: Internet, Social network service, MySpace Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Angelica Anne A. Vermug
IV- St.Rita27

Almost all of us know that there’s a big difference between cyber friends and real life friends. Many people think that these two both have the same level of friendship. Unlike those people, I think that having real friends that you personally see and talk with is priceless and irreplaceable. There’s is nothing more beautiful than great relationships with your friends whom you personally share stories with.

Well, I’m not saying that having cyber friends is bad or unacceptable. I’m just saying that real life friends are better and more reliable than those whom we just added as ‘friends’ in the internet. Although cyber friends can also be great friends, there is still something that makes real friends more worth spending your time with. There’s a special connection between ourselves and our friends who we personally interact with. I too have cyber friends who I just met through social networking sites. I can really compare my relationship between these people to my friends who I see almost every day. My cyber friends are the ones who know information about me, like where I study, when is my birthday, or how old I am; and it’s just because a social networking site said so. What if I just wanted to say that I study at this university, even if I don’t? Would that be a shame if these so called “friends” in the internet actually thought that this is the real you the whole time, simply because they do not really know you that much.

The friends that you really see almost every day are the ones who know your birthday, address, school, likes and dislikes not because they are said about these information, but because they really know you−the real you. They know your mood swings, your face when you’re angry, what you hate about your life, or how hard it is to deal with your insecurities. Not only the basic...
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