Cyber Ethics - Net Neutrality

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  • Published : June 3, 2011
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Internet is a broad source of communication and information. Now a day you have access to internet everywhere in the world. People use internet for many purposes such as communicating with family and friends all around the world, students and researchers use internet to do intensive research and internet is also used for intensive advertising. Through internet the concept of “Net neutrality” derives. Net neutrality is an internet based problem that not many people are aware of. Net neutrality means that there should be no restrictions on accessing internet sites by internet provider or governments. The deontologist position regarding net neutrality would be to allow access to all sites and their content without any restrictions and a utilitarian position regarding net neutrality would be to restrict sites and their content to the internet users. The way internet is used today, it is necessary to restrict some sites on internet because of the explicit information it contains. There has been a major issue about how facebook is been used in Pakistan. A Pakistani court recently banned the facebook site in the country till May 31st. The reason for the ban was due to the creation of facebook page named” everybody draw Mohammed day” . This page encouraged users to post inappropriate pictures of the Pakistani prophet. In this case, it was necessary to restrict this site because there had been a lot of humiliation of the prophet and the government did not want anyone in the country supporting that kind of an act. Google controls almost two-thirds of the world’s search results. Some material over Google has been restricted in some countries such as Turkey, Germany, France and Poland and also Thailand for political and historical reasons. Some content of Google has been censored in China. As China is a communist country, the government of China does not want the citizens to have abundant access of various websites. They have a censoring policy for search results or the...
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