Cyber Crimes and Terrorism

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  • Published : February 20, 2009
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Terrorism and Cyber Crime

By: Heather Styles

University of Phoenix

The impact cyber crimes and terrorism are having on interrupting the fourth amendment is that the government is able to search and seize without a warrant at any time. They fall back on the part of the fourth amendment that states they most have probable cause and reason to search. The government states that it feels the security of the country is in jeopardy which gives them right to an unwarranted search and seizure of those in question of terrorism or cyber crimes. The government also has the right to arrest an individual when provided with information via the Internet as reasonable probable cause. Such example is of a recent arrest of a Michigan woman whom advertised on a public web site for a murder for hire.(IBLS ,2007) The woman was trying to have her on line boyfriends wife killed and did so by using the Internet, this gave the government the right to check into her and then arrest her on charges of attempted murder. This case caused attention to the interstate cyber crime and prosecution, because the woman resided in Michigan and the targeted crime would have taken place in California. I believe in this case the government was justified in how they conducted themselves, because the woman provided a threat to another and was breaking the law even though it was over the Internet . I believe the government should be able to override the warrant issue of the fourth amendment when it comes to cyber crime and terrorism. The safety of this country and the citizens in it should be more important than whether or not law enforcement had enough probable cause.

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