Cyber Crimes and Steps to Prevent and Control It

Topics: Fraud, Computer crime, Computer security Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: September 20, 2012

The world we are in today is all about Information Technology (IT) because we are in the age of Information Technology and the people with the right information, with proper way of disseminate this information and processing them is considered as the most successful. Information technology is the transfer of information using telecommunication and micro-based computer system. Nowadays, the computer has replaced manual records, and the fraudulent input document has been substituted by manipulating data held in a computer system. This manipulation does not need to be sophisticated. Computers have become the mainstay of business and government processes. Business has been using them for years and in most countries, there are drives towards electronic or joined up government. This is to allow the people to access government services from their desktop in their own home. According to Oxford Advance Learners dictionary (2001), crime is the activities that involve breaking the law or illegal act or activities that can be punished by law. Computer crime has been defined as the act of stealing or misusing the computer hardware or software (Olawepo 1999: 48).


The following are some of various types of computer crimes:
Data Interception: This type is exclusive to network environment with teleprocessing activities in which the criminal may tap the signal sent to a computer from remote source. One of common example of interception of data in transmission is commonly called hacking. Data Modification: Alteration, destruction, or erasing of data in the computer, usually done with desire to misallocate money or to cover up management incompetence. Theft of Software: Taking or copying data, regardless of whether it is protected by other laws, e.g., copyright, privacy, etc. The cause of this may be for profit purpose or for private use. Network Interference: This is impeding or preventing access...
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