Cyber Crimes

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  • Published : December 24, 2012
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Cyber Crimes
I strongly agree to the idea of the authorities monitoring what is happening on social media’s such as MSN chats, Facebook profiles, Twitter, and other social websites being used. One very big reason that makes me agree with the authority’s monitoring our social media sites is because it is very likely for them to possibly stop a crime from taking place. I’m very sure that some people’s privacy is most valued to them and every citizen demands the right to privacy. Although one thing I don’t understand is why people would have a problem with not getting privacy on social websites when it is very clear that they shouldn’t be posting anything so secretive in the first place. Either you are going to post something that you don’t have to hide or you are going to keep it to yourself because you don’t want anyone else to know. That’s a win-win situation. If you were to post something on Twitter no matter how secretive, it is possible that anyone can see it. Everyone knows that a friend, enemy, or even a complete stranger could view it, which is why I don’t see a problem with the authorities seeing it either. Secondly, it is very true that a person could become paranoid. They may get the idea and start thinking by saying “if the authorities are able to see everything I am doing on my Twitter, they may also be able to track me down and watch my every little move.” This could possibly get some people scared for a while but one positive thing about this is that people will be more free and willing to go outside and just have a good time away from the internet. If they really do think someone is watching them they may want to show that “creepy secret spy” that they are innocent and they have nothing to hide by just having a good time outside with their friends giving that imaginary spy the idea to leave them alone. Lastly, I have certain friends who always get into drama on social websites such as Twitter or Facebook but most of the time it is because they...
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