Cyber Crime Outline

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Topic : Effects of cyber crime through social network
Introduction: <statistic info>
Thesis statement: The three major categories of cyber crime consist of violation against individual, property and public. Topic Sentence I: The first effect of cyber crime through social network would be against an individual. Supporting details:

1. Sexually; “A college student in Kuala Terengganu’s private collection of semi-nude pictures of herself has ended up on facebook, after her coursemate allegedly stole it from her pendrive and posted it up on the popular social network” (News Straight Time pg13) 2. Racial;

3. Religious
-Cyber stalking
Topic Sentence II: The second violation of cyber crime through social network would be against financial property. -Fraud
1. “Viruses, malware and other online threats mutate within seconds, making it tough to trace them with an Internet security or anti-virus syste,.” (Ismail) 2. “Every 1.5 seconds, a new threat will emerge,” (Ismail) Topic Sentence III: The third violation of cyber crime through social network would be against society. -Transmission of child pornography

-Obscene material (indecent exposure)
-Cyber crime threatening the growth of youth.
Conclusion: Prevention against cyber crime
-Tighter security of password containing characters of numbers, symbols and letters. -Softwares that detect cyber crime
1. “Transparency Board (RATB) began using social network-analysis software to look for fraud within the $780 billion financial stimulus programme.” (The Economist Technology Quaterly, pg.12) 2. “Network analysis also has a useful role to play in counterterrorism.” (The Economist Technology Quaterly, pg.13) -Report abuse, changing heavier sentences.

-Awareness of cyber crime.