Cyber Crime Law

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  • Published : October 2, 2012
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Cyber Crime Law. 50 million pesos.
Common sense. Philippines is NOT even a first world country to be able to /waste/ millions of pesos on a useless law. Think about it. There are A LOT more important problems than the Internet. Just because these politicians can't take mere criticism doesn't mean they can oppress us. What about education? Providing jobs? Building and replacing infrastructure in the country? WE PAID TAXES FOR THESE AND WE GOT THIS LAW IN RETURN? Are you kidding me?

You think passing a bill like this can totally prevent people from pirating stuff? Humans are creative and we can find way better sources to criticize the government. Yes, it lessens piracy but have you thought about other effects? Shunning the citizens is a bad move. How will we progress if the government is the only one active?

Rape - 3-4 years in jail
Cyber crime - 12 years in jail

also if you're part of the media, you get less years in jail than a normal citizen. What's the difference? Aren't we all humans? So are you saying that media men have more rights than us, normal citizens? You are also implying that committing a cyber crime law (sharing a photo, retweeting a status with criticism) is a much more grave sin than rape and murder?

"Kayo ang boss ko." - PNoy; President of the Philippines
Ah, talaga?
Masasabi mo ba yan ngayon?

Passing the cyber crime law contradicts with what his mother's government passed (Article 3, Section 4) and the principles his father died for.

The cyber crime law is too vague. Too suspicious.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is a primary right. I thought our country was a democratic one? Why suppress the citizens? ARE YOU AFRAID? If the government is really an honest and a trustworthy one, they shouldn't be afraid of the people. But with the way things are going...
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