Cyber Crime in Dhaka

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Major points of Discussion


1. Definition of Crime & Cyber Crime, Difference between
Conventional Crime & Cyber Crime
2. History of Cyber Crime (World perspective)


3. First Cyber Crime Report in Bangladesh


4. Reasons behind this Crime


5. Classification of this Crime


6. Different Modes


7. Laws regarding Cyber Crime in Bangladesh (Objectives, weakness and Advantages)
8. Punishment for Cyber Crime in Bangladesh (penalty and
imprisonment )
9. Prevention of Cyber Crime & Hackers.





Created by Mubin-Ul-Haque


. 1. What is Crime & Cyber Crime?
Crime is the breaking of rules or laws for which some governing authority (via mechanisms such as legal systems) can ultimately prescribe a conviction. Crimes may also result in cautions, rehabilitation or be uninformed. Individual human societies may each define crime and crimes differently, in different localities (state, local, international), at different time stages of the so-called "crime", from planning, disclosure, supposedly intended, supposedly prepared, incomplete, complete or f uture proclaimed after the "crime"

A crime occurs when someone breaks the law by an overt act, omission or neglect that can result in punishment. A person who has violated a law, or has breached a rule, is said to have committed a criminal offense.

Cyber crime encompasses any criminal act dealing with computers and networks (called hacking). Additionally, cyber crime also includes traditional crimes conducted through the Internet. For example; hate crimes, telemarketing and Internet fraud, identity theft, and credit card account thefts are considered to be cyber crimes when the illegal activities are committed through the use of a computer and the Internet.

DISTINCTION BETWEEN CONVENTIONAL AND CYBER Crime There is apparently no distinction between c yber and conventional crime. However on a deep introspection we may say that there exists a fine line of demarcation between the conventional and cyber crime, which is appreciable. The demarcation lies in the involvement of the medium in cases of cyber crime. The cyber crime is that there should be an involvement, at any stage, of the virtual cyber medium.

Created by Mubin-Ul-Haque


2. History of Cyber Crime in world’s perspective:
These are the lists of the major events in the use of computers and computer networks to commit criminal acts, starting in the 1970's to the present day. 1971

John Draper discovers the give-away whistle in Cap'n Crunch cereal boxes reproduces a 2600Hz tone. Draper builds a ‘blue box’ that, when used with the whistle and sounded into a phone receiver, allows phreaks to make free calls. Esquire publishes "Secrets of the Little Blue Box" with instructions for making one. Wire fraud in the US escalates.

A rogue program called the Creeper spreads through early Bulletin Board networks


The Internetworking Working Group is founded to govern the standards of the Internet. Vinton Cerf is the chairman and is known as a "Father of the Internet”.


Teller at New York's Dime Savings Bank uses a computer to embezzle over $2 million


First electronic bulletin board system (BBS) appears; becomes the primary means of communication for the electronic underground..


Ian Murphy, aka. "Captain Zap“, becomes first felon convicted of a computer crime. Murphy broke into AT&T’s computers and changed the billing clock so that people receive discounted rates during normal business hours.


Elk Cloner, an AppleII boot virus, is written.


Movie WarGames introduces public to the phenomenon of hacking...
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