Cyber Crime

Topics: Computer, Computer crime, Fraud Pages: 7 (2692 words) Published: May 22, 2013
March 14, 2013
Cyber Crime
Cybercrime is often made out to be the great and glorious workings of a computer genius, when in reality, it is the dirty work behind the scenes that could be carried out by anyone that has the knowledge and the skills to do so. In this paper I will identify the types of cybercrime, the government programs and agencies that are in place to prevent cybercrime and also identify the dirty work of cybercrime and how it is done and what you as an individual can do to protect yourself from anything happening to you. People have plenty of ideas on why there is cybercrime in the world. People think of things like hackers want credit from the internet world to hackers actually helping companies become secure, but neither are really true. Most cybercriminals are doing it for the financial gain that can come from it. Cybercriminals don’t care that innocent people are hurt, that they destroy credit and their lives, and it doesn't matter if other cybercriminals they know get caught and thrown in jail. If cybercrime is involved, getting money is all they want. Like any other business, cybercrime is about making money and having a lasting business that continues to make money, the difference is that cybercrime is about making money by any means necessary. Cyber criminals are organized individuals and their organizations have ranking systems like any business and each spot has its different job functions. There are varying job functions such as: Funders, Developers, Bot Herders, Middle Men, Hackers, and Users (Faustus). In business there is overlap between some of the job responsibilities, but most people like to stay in their comfort zone and that is no different for cybercrime organizations. There are more job functions outside the six that are stated, but these seem to be the main jobs functions of most all cybercrime organizations. Some cybercrime groups have a “ring leader” and plan out multiple attacks, while some groups are formed, they complete a specific attack and when they are done, they dissolve (Faustus). Movies have distorted what people think of cyber criminals. In movies, they seem to be kids or people in basements and they hack into peoples computers or networks or they are living very well in their mansions and they occasionally hack into systems the best technology with multiple screens that they can look at. The truth, however is definitely different from the movies. “A cybercriminal can be anyone with the abilities and motivation to steal” (Faustus). Many cyber criminals are not wealthy and they don’t work at fancy companies. Many times its people that are poor living in poor areas of the world who have nothing else to do so they learn how to hack. Many of the cyber criminals in poor nations have no job, and nowhere to turn to for financial help, so they have no other option but to get into cybercrime. The money hackers can earn is extremely large and there are little or no consequences for them because a lot of poor nations cannot afford to put cyber criminals into jails. Also some countries do not even have laws in place to bring these cyber criminals down and arrest them. These areas are perfect for the ability to learn the skills and they also have to motivation to become excellent hackers (Faustus). The criminals from the older generations are using the money that they have ‘earned’ to help new cybercrime organizations. Rather than trying to understand the skill necessary, some older generation organizations pay “middle men” to get the facts and details that they want. The middle men take their cut of the money and then pass the rest down to their teams that help them gather the information, then they carry out the process of hacking and stealing information and give that “older generation organization”. The older generation found a new way to earn more money than they could have thought of, this is all because of the cyber criminals that they probably won’t ever meet. They not only...
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