Cyber Crime

Topics: Criminology, Crime, Sociology Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Cyber Crime
Chester Colbert
Grantham University
CJ102 Introduction to Criminology
October 6, 2011
Carolyn Dennis

Crime is global issue and for years researchers and law enforcement agencies have tried to determine why people choose the lifestyle of crime. They have theorized it down to social economics. But not all criminals commit crimes because of life disadvantages. Some criminals are adventure seekers and they seek the thrill and adventure of committing crimes and getting away without detection. Crime causation theories can vary. Some people believe that concentrated poverty is the cause of crime. Others tend to believe that criminal behaviors manifest it due to negative reactions to ordinary human characteristics. They even go as far using substance abuse and mental health issues as a large determining factor for criminal activity.

Poverty concentration is one causation theory for crime. This theory states that crime is the result of deteriorating communities. It is believed that people with higher financial gain and formal education tend to leave communities that are criminally infested. This results in people with insufficient means to care for them to make a living any means necessary. The label for cybercrime is normally under the white collar crime label. This label has been affixed because it is most commonly committed by those in good position, has high social standing and is pillars within the communities. Although cybercrime can and has been known to be committed by children and others with low economic background. It is more of a crime of greed and power. Money laundering, bank fraud, and cyber bullying are only a few of the factors that apply to cybercrime. The availability and ease to commit this type of crime is well within the common man’s reach. I feel the best theory of causation for white collar crime (cybercrimes) is social control theory. It fits because it’s not only looks at the social standing but also the readily...
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