Cyber-Bullying Has Increased the Bullying Rate to New Heights

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Cyber-bullying has increase the bullying rate to new heights
A seventeen-year old high school student called Rachael Neblett from Kentucky began receiving threatening emails through her MySpace account. The emails were brought to the attention of the principal of her high school. The emails included details of her movements during class and after school activities. Due to the context found in the emails, they were certain that the bully was another student at the school. Rachael received an email stating “I am not going to put you in the hospital; I am going to put you in the morgue”. Because of the email, Rachael did not want to see her friends or go to school. Shortly after receiving the threatening email, she committed suicide (“Rachael Neblett”). As you can see with this story, bullying has intensified in the context of social media. What has emerged is the creation of cyber-bullying which is the action of inflicting harm such as: harassing, humiliating, or threatening someone through the Internet or interactive technology. Bullying has been a constant social issue present in daily life and it has intensified to yet larger dimensions due to the creation of the social media. Gone are the days when children, teens, and even adults felt safe at home away from neighborhood bullies. The social media, that is, the Internet has become the new “playground” for people who bully others. Cyber-bullying has been created by high tech people who have taken over the Internet to harass their peers. The increase popularity of e-mail, text messaging, blogging, instant messaging, and web pages has developed a rise in the vulnerability of people as potential targets. The electronic bullies have the ability to preserve their anonymity by formulation temporary e-mail accounts and pseudonyms in chat rooms, instant messaging programs, and other Internet venues. The individuals who bully using the cyberspace have the ability to hide behind a measure of anonymity. The effects of...
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