Cyber Bullying Essay

Topics: Bullying, Adolescence, Abuse Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: April 3, 2012
Adam Grabenhorst
Mrs. Dressler
English 2
15 January 2012

Cyber Bullying

Peer to peer bulling is nothing new. It has been going on for generation after generation. However the times have now changed since new technology has made it possible for peers to bully one another without even having to be face to face. This form of bullying is called “Cyber Bullying”. Teens turn fun, needed devices into “weapons” through the use of social networking websites, chat rooms and text messaging and there are even more ways possible, and through this they call each other names, belittle, and threaten kids to in some serious cases, the point of suicide. I believe it's important to be educated about Cyber Bullying because it will help prevent it from further happening, it will show bullies just what reactions they are causing to the victims emotionally, and will show kids who are being bullied that it is OK to consult an adult about it.

If we were to educate people about cyber bullying, it could show people that there is a very bad problem going on right this moment. Victims don't speak up, Schools just don't notice it, so it is the educated ones jobs to seek it out and help the issue. Once something is posted on the internet it will stay there forever, and if you know how to use a computer or mobile device, you can see just what is happening to your child or what your child is doing to others, anybody’s child really.

Cyber Bullies in most cases are either teenagers who have been bullied or have friends that bully and want to fit in, look cool, and to just show they have power over other peers. The I-SAFE Foundation reported that over half of teens and adolescents have been bullied online and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying. These numbers are mind blowing, over half? We have a problem and we need to solve it. If you see a possible case of cyber bullying, report it to the school board and/or Police. If your a teen and you are being or know of...
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