Cyber Bullying Affect in Hong Kong

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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English for Academic and Professional Purposes (Part 1)

1 Assignment 2

Phenomenon of Cyber Bullying Among Teenagers in School

*Group Members:

-Higher Diploma in Information Technology (Web):

Chiu Man Kai (EL)
Wong Tsz Kin (Prince)

Table of Contents:

Introduction Page 3
Motivation of cyber bullyingPage 4
The Characteristics and Effect of Cyber-BullyingPage 5
Handling of Cyber BullyingPage 6
Solution of Cyber BullyingPage 7
ConclusionPage 8
ReferencePage 9
Appendix A - Cyber-bullying: issues and solutions for
the school, the classroom and the 10

Nowadays, many teenagers have the habit of accessing Internet every day. It can be observed that accessing Internet has become an activity which is indispensable in teenagers' lives.

Internet is a product of advanced technology. It should therefore bring advantages and convenience as other high-tech products do to our lives. Nevertheless, a lot of teenage problems related to the use of Internet have been reported, especially, Cyber Bullying.

Although school-yard bullying occurs, teenagers today are experiencing a new type of bullying - cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is defined as bullying by sending hateful messages or even death threats to others, making nasty comments on their social networking profiles. In this research, it is our interest to know more about this area and investigate into motivation, effects, handling and solution of cyber bullying among teenagers in school.

Motivation of Cyber Bullying
By Wong Tsz Kin (Prince)

According an article from “What Motivates Children to Cyber Bully”, there are too many motives and reasons to cause cyber bullying. Parry found that boredom, meanness and power are the three main motives cause cyber bullying. (59) Moreover, difficult to get caught, and it didn’t involve face-to-face communication also are key reasons to cause this behavior. (59)

Furthermore, Parry identified four kinds of...
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