Cyber Bullying

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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The Causes of Cyberbullying

The Causes of Cyberbullying
“Look at this girl she is so ugly, I’m going to write on her picture and make fun of the way she looks”, does that sound familiar? Cyberbullying has become a major problem all over the world and it continues to rise. There are many causes of cyberbullying. One cause of cyberbullying is that people are insecure of themselves and the only way to make themselves feel better is by making fun of the way other people look. Sometimes, the target might be more attractive than the bully, but in order for the bully to be happy, they decide to make of them. Another reason is that people do it for revenge. Perhaps a person sends a personal photo/video to his/her significant other and (later on he/she decide to end the relationship), the bully is hurt and decides to expose the person’s personal things all over the internet for revenge to (make the other person feel how he/she feels). A third cause may be due to racism. Sometimes people are cruel and simply dislike someone because they look, speak, and act different than them. Cyberbullies do not (rather said, cannot) hurt them physically, so they try to make them feel unwanted and want them to go back to the country they came from. A final cause of cyberbullying may be simply for entertainment. Even though people know bullying is wrong, they still do it because they think it is amusing. They could be sitting at home bored, so they get on social networks just to laugh and make fun of others. They think it is funny to call others names and think that it will not hurt their feelings; in reality they are. Cyberbullying is a major issue and people are doing it because of their insecurities, revenge, racism, or just for entertainment. People have attempted different ways to help prevent this problem. There needs to be more ways in which we could help prevent this problem because it is getting out of control!
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