Cyber Bullying

Topics: Abuse, Adolescence, Internet Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: May 14, 2013
John Doe
English II HON
Cyberbullying: A New Age of Crime
Children’s acts of violence have become an epidemic in the twenty-first century. The high schools are shape-shifting into a perpetual scene of hatred and vehemence. Due to the advances of technology and teenage self-indulgences, there has been a constant secretion with teens posting derogatory information in the media outlets. Mainly because the internet has become such a huge mainstream in society that intertwines locals and non-locals, this allows for a persistent abuse of teens to those unknown. Studies show that over 80% of teens use a cell phone and 20% are harassed on a regular basis; these studies revolve around the indication that the majority of schools’ population has access to the media through their own personal possessions. Forthwith, students have taken the initiative of causing blatant discomfort to those around them. Cyberbullying is the new age of crime and abhorrence and it is time to view this new impartial with discretion. The expression, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” has taken on a new significance. With the troubling circumstances that teenagers are faced with in today’s world, there is a sonorous craving to be accepted in a society that is so fast paced and begrudging. This new generation media has made teenagers become oblivious to their act of bullying; how children are becoming blind to their victims state of anti-socialism. In the same way, the suspects are anti-social because they use the internet as their source of communication. Students have given the internet a false sense of credibility to be a healthy and useful component. Harassment in schools have landscaped the school's environment into an infrared jungle of violence and distaste. In spite of efforts to maintain policy, tension has been rising to the precipice due to the staffs’ cursory handling with violent situations pertaining to students. Yet, many victims still seem to...
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