Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying
What is Cyber Bullying?
Cyberbullying is when a kid is being harassed, humiliated, embarrassed, threatened or tormented using computers, phones, ipods etc. but its not just on the Internet; cyber bullying also done on text messages using your cell phones. cyber bullying can only happen between kids under the age of 18. When an adult is harassing children or teenagers, it is cyber harassment or cyberstalking.Cyberbullying is an attempt to get another kid to feel bad about him/her self through technology. It mostly happens more than once, you could leave mean messages on someone's Facebook page, or embarrassing photos, or spreading gossip or rumors through text message. There are lots of ways to humiliate and threaten kids online. And because it can cause psychological damage, and carries over into the real world, the threats posed by bullies can be very real. There have been cases where cyber bullying has led to severe depression, self harm and even suicide. 10 Facts About Cyber-bullying 1.

1. Nearly 35% of kids have been threatened online and almost one in five have had it happen more than once.
2. Among this percentage, being ignored and disrespected were the most common forms of cyber bullying.
3. Nine out of ten middle school students have had their feelings hurt online.
4. About 75% have visited a Web site bashing another
5. Four out of ten middle school students have had their
password (s) stolen and changed by a bully who then locked
them out of their own account or sent communications
posing as them.
6. About 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mails. 7. The psychological and emotional outcomes of cyber-bullying are similar to real-life bullying outcomes, except for the reality that with cyber bullying there is often no escape. School ends at 3 p.m., while the Internet is available all the time.

8. The primary cyber-bullying location where victimizing occurs, at 56%, is in chat rooms.
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