Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is a national disaster. It also is a huge topic that a lot of times is not taken seriously until something bad happens. It is a newer type of bullying, and people are trying to figure out what can be done. Cyber bullying has serious effects but is starting to be addressed and can prevented in some ways.

Cyber bullying can have bad results. “For 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer had been victimized by bullies… in person but also continued online, where bullies used social media to taunt him day and night” (Cyberbulling). Cyber bullying is a cause of suicide and it’s a wide spread problem. “To date eight states---Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts. Nevada, New Hampshire and Oregon have an anticyberbullying law. Many other states have laws that address electronic harassment. New Jersey has the toughest such laws in the country” (Cyberbulling).

Some bullying has become bad enough that students kill themselves. “A former Rutgers student [was] accused of spying on and bullying his roommate days before he killed himself” (Rutgers). When cyber bullying can be proven, the bullies can get in trouble. For example, in the Rutgers case, “Dharun Ravi faces invasion of privacy and bias intimidation charges…it is a hate crime and carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison” (Rutgers). It carried such a big penalty because lawyers felt he was mean on purpose. Parents, teachers, and school administrators are starting to pay attention to cyber bullying. “Just 26 percent of K-12 teachers surveyed have taught kids how to handle cyber bullying… fifty-seven percent of teachers and 68 percent of administrators said that they were prepared to share guidance about cyber bullying prevention with their students” (Study). More teachers need to be more open to talk about cyber bullying to students because it’s a wide spread social justice conflict that needs to be talked about more. Michelle Obama has taken time out of her...
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