Cyber Bullying

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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I. Cyber Bullying
a. Use of computers, cell phones, social networking cites and other technology to threaten or humiliate others. b. Putting many young people at risk and sometimes even with deadly consequences c. Megan Meier’s suicide at age 13

II. Problem
d. Internet availability is easy becoming so much easier e. Self-esteem is hurt and social skills begin to dwindle f. People may find it easier to say hurtful things online because there is little to no confrontation g. People are over exposing themselves and peers through networking cites such as Facebook and not knowing who is seeing this information h. Text messaging makes it easier to talk to people as well as about other people because there is little to no confrontation, but what if hurtful messages would end up in the wrong hands? i. Charges are being made in some serious cases such as Megan Meier’s when cyber bullying lead to suicide III. Cause

j. Simplicity
a. Creating an online account is simple enough for anyone to do. b. Threats through online or text messaging takes only seconds but could really leave scars on the victim forever k. Power/Popularity

c. Kids often think that making fun of their peers will make them get more respect or popularity d. Kids can get a thrill from saying hurtful things to people and it could make them feel power over their peers l. Being Uneducated

e. Many children as well as parents don’t realize the impact cyber bullying has on others and the severity of the consequences f. People mistake freedom of speech and cyber bullying and are naive of hurting any ones feelings IV. Solution

m. If you are a victim, reach out for help from anyone. Do this for yourself, friends, family, and your future n. Even if you’re not a victim, be available for others that may reach out to you o. Always be aware of what you are saying...
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