Cyber Bullying

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  • Published: February 3, 2013
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Cyberbullying Escalating
In the article White House Conference Tackles Bullying by Miami Hall, she refers to a quote by First lady Michelle Obama, appearing with President Obama at the day-long White House Conference on Preventing Bullying. She says, “The issue is something we care about not only as president and first lady but also as parents. It's tough enough being a kid today, and our children deserve the chance to learn and grow without constantly being picked on, made fun of--or worse” (Hall). Cyberbullying is a new, but very crucial topic that some people don’t take seriously enough. With the new technology we have embraced, kids tend to use it for bad purposes. Everyone knows about the new programs and sites teens use for communicating with one another such as IMing, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Tumblr. Some kids use this new technology which is supposed to better our society, as their bullying playground. The kids who abuse these sights should be punished as severely as someone who isn’t hidden behind a computer, due to the damaging effects their actions have on kids.

The amount of kids abusing the internet and tormenting kids online is growing in numbers every day. Some of them don’t realize how hurtful cyberbullying can be. Just because you’re doing the bullying from behind a computer and you are not face to face doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt just as much. The things you say are taken just as seriously. “Research shows that bullying adversely affects children's mental health, academic success and ability to relate to other kids. It also has lasting emotional consequences” (Hall). This is a quote by Mary Wakefield, who runs the Health Resources and Services Administration at the Department of Health and Human Services in the article White house Conference tackles Bullying by Miami Hall. As Mary Wakefield said, bullying affects not only their mental health, but their academic success. Because of this bullying it makes kids constantly scared in school. They can’t pay attention in class which causes their grades to drop. “In an age where cyberbullying is blamed for bad grades, poor attendance and even suicide, some say the law is long overdue. They say it is far more onerous than schoolyard bullying because the bullying sweeps across the school community with the tap of a computer key—reaching victims even in their bedrooms” (Lambeck). With regular bullying before computers it was limited to just school, now their harassers are wherever they go. And since these bullies don’t have to do it to their face and see their reaction they are even more comfortable saying horrible things. Everyone in the school can know a rumor about someone in a matter of seconds. Because the bullying isn’t taking place at the school it is difficult to punish kids for it, but it does affect their learning abilities, which is even harder to prove. In Connecticut Trumbull High School is a school where cyber bullying is taken very seriously. They have an Anti-Defamation League to train students to stop bullying due to the new state law that was passed to put a stop to not just bullying, but cyberbullying as well. Connecticut is the eighth state in the nation to do this (Lambeck). In the article New Cyberbullying law Forces Schools to Intervene by Linda Conner she refers to a quote by Susan Smith, director of social work for the Bridgeport Public School System. She says, “The law places additional responsibilities on schools, but will ultimately benefit students” (Lambeck). Teachers already have an overwhelming amount of work to do to teach their students, but it is also their job to make sure their students get the best possible education they can under their teaching. With this cyberbullying going on kids can’t learn to their full potential. So if they find out about any type of online bullying it is their job to report it and try their best to terminate it. As the case of Tinker v Des Moines concluded, Kids can be punished if their...
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