Cyber Bulling

Topics: E-mail, E-mail address, Phishing Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Bulling is horrible and has become worse as technology has given bullies a whole new platform for their actions. Bullies might find this fun as they think they are invisible from the law but this is simple not the case as if you are being cyber bulled you can call the police and they can take action and track who and where the messages are coming from so when you are being cyber bulled try to avoid messaging back and call the police before it turns into a 24 hour thing. It is also a good idea to avoid putting personal details such as your address, school or work and phone numbers so the bullies cannot contact you all the time. SPAM

In the Internet age, not only are you fighting junk mail in your mailbox, but you've also got large amounts of spam in your inbox. In addition to being annoying, these e-mails can also contain viruses and spyware into your not putting your email address on public listed websites, never open junk mail and Avoid contests, special offers, free offers, and chances to win this all could help avoid spams. PHISHING

Phishing has become very common and we receive them every day of our lives. Phishing is an email sent by a spammer who pretends that they are writing from a ligament company asking you to provide your privet information and the small percentage of people who do not know about phishing fall into the trap and loose an aural amount of money. You can avoid phishing by simply ignoring and by trying not to fill in your privet information but if you are confident that the email is official and right it would be a good idea to research it more. DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTRACT

Hacker attack on a computer system or website, aimed at disrupting its normal functions.
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