Cyber Addiction

Topics: Internet, Sociology, History of the Internet Pages: 6 (1470 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Chapter 1:
Cyber addiction takes place when a person got hooked into the internet too much that makes it hard for him to do some more important things. A person who develops problems with his Internet usage may have started using the Internet casually and then that person did not notice that he have increased using it. A lot of people believe that too much time spent in the Internet is the main element of the disorder. But the amount of time by itself is not as important factor like the ways in which the person's Internet usage interferes with his daily life. Too much usage of the Internet may have cause a negative effect on the person's social life, education, health and behavior. If a person can no longer have a control of him/herself from playing online games (which sometimes turns into gambling, or what they called, “pustahan”), online chatting and compulsive surfing on the internet, even if it brings negative consequences to a person, then we can say that a person may be a “Cyber Addict” or that person is engaged into “Cyber addiction”.

Background of the Study:
The Internet provides a constant source of information, a way of entertainment and communication. It provides us with Email, research and downloading websites, online games, and social network which grants us with communication, whether public or private. But how can we say that we use too much of the Internet? Internet usage differs from one person to another. A student might have to use the Internet regularly to make some home works; activities, projects and research. It could also be that a particular person relies too much to some social network websites so he will be able to keep in touch to his family, loved ones or friends abroad. Spending a lot of time online becomes a problem only when it takes too much of your time that even your health, education, relationships and behavior becomes affected. While time spent on the Internet can really be fruitful and productive, for some people, particularly to the youth, excessive internet usage can interfere with daily life, education, behavior and relationships.

Statement of the Purpose:
This paper will identify the Common Causes and discover the Effects of Cyber addiction to youth people in Darangan, Binangonan, Rizal as of July 2009.

Scope & Delimitations:
This study was focused on identifying the common Causes of Cyber addiction to Youth people in Darangan, Binangonan, Rizal as of July 2009. It also identified its effects on the youth people’s health, education, behavior and relationship with others.

The study comprises of 20 respondents randomly taken in the different streets in Darangan, Binangonan, Rizal such as Averilla, Fuentes, Kasinay, and Bagong Bayan.

Significance of the study:
A brief description of the various significance of this study given to those who will benefit the study will be discussed in this section:

To the Youth. This study will help youth people to assess their internet usage, increase their awareness of the causes and effects of too much Internet use that could certainly help them to prevent and/or overcome Cyber addiction. To Parents. This study will make the parents understand what is meant by Cyber addiction as well as how it begins and develops, making them monitor their children’s Internet use and guide their children to avoid or lessen their Internet use.

To the Community. This study will help the Community to create programs to engage the youth people in social activities, leading the youth not into using the Internet too much.

To Future researcher. The proposed study will become reference for future research and study.

Conceptual Framework:
Internet today becomes a part of our lives through which we can visit websites for research, download, communication and entertainment purposes. However, Internet should be used properly, controllably and responsibly, if the Internet will be used properly, controllably and responsibly, positive...
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