Cvs: the Web Strategy

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The web marketing would be the best option for CVS as it is one of the most effective and cost effective online marketing strategy (, 2006). The following online marketing strategies can be used in the process to attract volume and quality to the online drug store of CVS.

CVS is apt at handling the online drugstore with efficient marketing techniques related to information recognition and spread. Click and Mortar delivery options:

The marketing strategy at this point is to introduce several customer support options to address the customers issues related to timely delivery of the drugs. Other marketing strategy like online order tracking and easy payment methods would also serve a great strategy. Online order tracking mechanism would be quite helpful to any customer to know the status of the order and accordingly take action. This would also boost their confidence in handling their order. Flexible payment methods would encourage more customers to engage in the online operations. The marketing strategy at this point would be to incorporate several marketing techniques for widespread use.

Online merchandising marketing strategy:
The various analysis of the products and their category is essential to CVS as they would track at any point of time the various products that are selling presently and focus on the ones who needs a market yet. The marketing aspects at this stage would be to do some online marketing for the company in regard to various products which needs a push. The performance reasons for doing so would foster better sales of the products. Online banners specifically targeting some of the products would be circulated in the online trade centers, retail chains, other stores and so on. The primary activity in marketing at this point is to understand the customer’s needs and thus the analysis of products sale is essential element to this.

Knowing the customer well
The knowledge of the customers for the prospective CVS...
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