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GEOG/ERS 203: Environment & Development in a Global Perspective Course Outline – Winter 2013

Instructor: Lectures: Office Hours: E-mail: Teaching Assistants:

Dr. Ryan Bullock 2:30pm-3:50pm, Tues & Thurs in St. Paul’s (STP) 105 EV1-234: Tuesdays 3:50-4:50 or by appointment Samantha Berdej: Brittany Bruce: Erika Zell: *TA office hours TBA*

Course Description In this course we will examine the interface between human development and the environment in a global context. Various perspectives will be explored to link environmental issues to wealth, poverty, consumption, population, and economic globalization. Case studies focusing on countries at different stages of development will be used to illustrate linkages. Course Objectives  To examine the relationships between environment, economy and society in the context of global and local change and uncertainty.  To build understanding of sustainable development theories and concepts and their application to development and environmental issues.  To promote familiarity with current issues and trends from countries at different levels of development. Course Evaluation Activity Report Outline Test #1 Date January 31 February 14 Must be completed inclass during regularly scheduled lecture time* March 12 April 4 Must be completed inclass during regularly scheduled lecture time* Ongoing Details Topic, structure & resources Covers weeks 1-6; Format: Multiple choice, true/false, matching State of the Environment and Development Report Covers weeks 8-13; Format: Multiple choice, true/false, matching Based on attendance and contributions to discussions & exercises in tutorials and/or lectures Evaluation 10% 25%

Report Test #2

30% 25%



Course Textbook Environment, Development, and Sustainability: Perspectives and cases from around the world. 2010. Edited by Gordon Wilson, Pam Furniss and Richard Kimbowa. Oxford University Press. The course textbook is available through the UW library system and copies are on reserve for GEOG 203. *Further readings may be assigned during the term. Suggested Readings Northey, M. and D. Knight. 2007. Making Sense: A Student's Guide to Research and Writing: Geography and Environmental Sciences (3rd edition). Don Mills: Oxford University Press. Topic Schedule This schedule is intended to be a guide and dates and topics are subject to change. Week 1 2 Concepts 3(T) 4 DATE Jan. 8 Jan. 10 Jan. 15 Jan. 17 Jan. 22 Jan. 24 Jan. 29 Jan 31 Feb. 5 Feb. 7 Feb. 12 Feb. 14 Feb. 19 Feb. 21 Feb. 26 Feb. 28 Mar. 5 Mar. 7 Mar. 12 Mar. 14 Mar.19 Mar. 21 Mar. 26 Mar. 28 Apr. 2 Apr. 4 THEME Course Welcome and Overview Geographical Approaches to Development & Environment Environment, Sustainability, & Development: Concepts & Critiques No Lecture Environment, Sustainability, & Development: Concepts & Critiques Cuba’s Accidental Revolution (Film) Population, Resources, & Distribution Vulnerability in Developing Regions, Erin Joakim Essay Outlines due January 31** Water and Development Water and Development Development, Tourism & Conservation in Bhutan, Heidi Karst Test #1, regular lecture timeslot and room** Reading Week Socio-Environmental Impacts of Tourism Development, Dr. Culum Canally Land and Agriculture -- Dirt: The Movie (Film) Tropical Deforestation and Development Urban Sustainability, Dr. Yoichi Kumagai Global Implications of Boreal Forest Development Essays due March 12** Community Development and Resource Use Public Involvement and Development International Networks for Sustainable Development Local Knowledge, Indigenous People, & Conservation Science, Technology, and Global Sustainability Course wrap-up and review Test #2, regular lecture timeslot and room** READINGS None Ch 1 Ch 16 Ch 6 Ch 2

5(T) 6 Cases and Issues 7 8

Ch 4 Ch 13 TBA None (ironically) TBA CH 3 Ch 10, 11,12 Ch 9 & 14 Ch 10, 11,12

9(T) 10

11(T) Actions & Tools 12 13...
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