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Michael Mitzenmacher 617-496-7172 Research Interests Education Design and Analysis of Algorithms; Networks and Data Transmission; Information Theory. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY, Berkeley, CA Ph.D. in Computer Science awarded December, 1996. Dissertation: The Power of Two Choices in Randomized Load Balancing. Advisor: Alistair Sinclair. GPA: 4.0/4.0 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY, Cambridge, England Attended as one of ten recipients of the Churchill Fellowship. Cambridge C.A.S. in Mathematics with highest distinction awarded June 1992. HARVARD COLLEGE, Cambridge, MA B.A. in Mathematics with Computer Science, summa cum laude, awarded June 1991. Recent Employment HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Cambridge, MA Spring 1999-present Assistant professor (from Jan. 1999 -July 2002), Associate professor (from July 2002January 2005), Professor (from Jan. 2005-present), Area Dean for Computer Science (from July 2010-present). Teach the undergraduate course “Introduction to algorithms and data structures” and graduate courses covering topics in randomized algorithms, algorithms for networks, compression, coding, cryptography, and information retrieval. DIGITAL SYSTEMS RESEARCH CENTER, Palo Alto, CA Fall 1996-Winter 1998 Research scientist. Projects included work on information retrieval on the Web, erasure codes, error-correcting codes, on-line algorithms, and load balancing. Co-inventor for twelve submitted patents. SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY, Santa Clara, CA Spring 1997 Guest professor for the undergraduate class “Introduction to Algorithms.” Consultant: I have consulted for several technology companies and research laboratories, including Adverplex, Akamai, AT&T, Digital Fountain, Google, IBM, ITA Software, Microsoft, and Mitsubishi Research Laboratories. I also consult on intellectual property issues as an expert witness and in other capacities. Funding Google University Research Program. 12/09-12/10. $60,000. Yahoo! University Research Program. 9/09-8/10. $10,000. Google University Research Program. 8/08-7/09. $75,000. Yahoo! University Research Program. 9/07-8/08. $25,000. Yahoo! University Research Program. 9/06-8/07. $50,000. Cisco University Research Program. 8/08-7/09. $80,000. Cisco University Research Program. 8/07-7/08. $83,000.

Cisco University Research Program. 8/06-7/07. $80,000. Cisco University Research Program. 8/05-7/06. $72,000. NSF IIS-0964473: HCC: Medium: Collaborative Research: Data-Parallel Hash Tables: Theory, Practice and Applications PI: Michael Mitzenmacher, co-PI: Nina Amenta. Total grant: $171,095. 8/10-7/13. NSF CCF-0915922: AF : Small : The Theory and Practice of Hash-Based Algorithms and Data Structres. PI: Michael Mitzenmacher. Total grant: $441,956. 8/09-7/12. NSF CNS-0721491: NeTS FIND: A Network-Wide Hashing Infrastructure for Monitoring and Measurement. PI: Michael Mitzenmacher. Total grant: $330,000. 9/07-8/10. NSF CCF-0634923: Towards a Basic Understanding of Channels with Synchronization Errors. PI: Michael Mitzenmacher. Total grant: $200,000. 9/06-8/09. NSF CCR-0121154: ITR/SY Algorithmic Issues in Large Scale Dynamic Networks. PI: Eli Upfal, Brown. Subcontract to Harvard. Total grant: $502,000. 9/01-8/06. NSF CCR-0118701: Low Density Parity Check Codes for Channels with Memory. PI: Michael Mitzenmacher, co-PI: Alek Kavcic. Total grant: $510,000. 9/01-8/04. NSF CCR-9983832: Dynamic Processes and Network Algorithms (CAREER). $200,000. 7/00-6/04. Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship. $40,000. Awarded in 2000. IBM Faculty Research Grant. $10,000 Awarded in 2005. IBM Faculty Research Grant. $10,000 Awarded in 2003. Mitsubishi Electronic Research Laboratory. $10,000 for undergraduate research projects. Awarded in 2002. Honors ACM SIGCOMM Test of Time Paper Award (2009) IEEE Information Theory Society Best Paper Award (2002) Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship (2000) Sakrison Award (for Ph.D. thesis at Berkeley) (1997) NDSEG Graduate Fellowship (1992-95) NSF Graduate Fellowship Winner...
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