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What kind of part-time jobs is suitable for your major?( this is important because if you choose suitably, your part-time job will be able to create useful skill for your job) Part-time job helps students learn important skills:communication skill,team work skill,leadership,problem solving skill, time management skill…v…v Students in the college wonder whether they should have a part time job or not. Some say they should, while some say they shouldn't.In my opinion, student should have a part time job for several reasons. For students, Part time job is not only a chance but also a challenge. Why I say that.? Nowadays, more and more studens are seeking a suitable part-time job. For example, If you are studying foreign language, you find out a job relating to your major such as translator, interpreting, tourist guide, tutor... Or If you want to improve your communication skills, you'll find a work as a waiter/waitress, st likes that:) It will help you get more life experiences, earn money, have more relationship... You'll become more mature, confident, and practical because they are usefull lessons from life. That's why I say it will bring you chances :D However, any coin has two sides. You should look out for cheats and frauds. I used to be a "victim" of them. But they are small poblems. The most important thing is you must control you time to balance betwwen your study and work. Ofcourse your study is the priority.I know some cases forgot their main target to only focus on earning money. have many relationships,help their future job

First of all, engaging in part-time jobs enables students to learn new things that they cannot learn from their books and schools

However, lots of students who have already taken part in working environment say that, the more they work and communicate with their colleagues at their offices, the more they feel relaxed, and the more they can focus on their studies. They can understand their theoretical knowledge and lessons thoroughly, and as a result, they can do better at their school-works and assignments.

In conclusion, taking part-time jobs is actually very beneficial for students who dare to try. I think that the precious lessons and knowledge they could learn from working environment and the relaxing time and money they could earn are deserved awards for them. They dare to try, and they reap their fruits.

Opponents of students having part-time jobs insist that such these students will face a decline in their studies. Because part-time job will occupy students' precious time for college work, they will have no longer enough time to finish homework assigned or widen their knowledge through reading books. Consequently, they will fall behind the class schedule. In other words, part-time job is responsible for students' bad study result. Nonetheless, in fact, if students know how to balance and make effective use of the time to work and study, their study result will be not affected badly. For instance, students can develop a daily plan which defines how much time they should spend on working and on studying, or they can study while waiting for the bus as well .Especially, studies show that students who work possess a better time managerment. Hence, they will probably work out a way of accomplishing the tasks. Besides, part-time jobs positively enable students to apply their knowledge in practice; and this helps them remember and know better about what they have learned in classes or books. "Tutor" could be served as a good example for a part-time job in which many teacher students assure that they are learning by teaching. Clearly, having part-time job cannot be to blame for the bad study results. It all depends on students themselves... Futhermore, it may boost students'confidence and require them to learn on their own how to behave well towards other people if they want to survive in such a competive place. Also, they will know how to cooperate with others to complete the work....
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